AJ92 Bridge Scoring
2024 Trans-Tasman Challenge
After Round 3: New Zealand 274.57 - Australia 205.43
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8 teams from each country will play a round-robin of 16 board matches 
against the teams from the other country.
Round 4 Friday, June 14 8.00 pm (NZST)
6.00 pm (AEST)
AUS Ewart v NZ Livingston AUS Tobin v NZ Carter
AUS Free v NZ Skipper AUS U26 Womens v NZ Cornell
AUS Mixed v NZ Terry AUS Womens v NZ Fisher
AUS Seniors v NZ Youth AUS Youth v NZ Humphries
Results on RealBridge
Round 1 - March 26
Round 2 - April 5
Round 3- May 10